Speak to me Speak to me

“all you touch and all you see is all your life will ever be”

Listening to: Pink Floyd – Speak to mePink Floyd – Speak to me

Sometimes it seems to us that destiny leads us to the “roots of life”. When a few years ago I accidentally came across the wild Maremma beachesin Tuscany, Italy, I didn’t expect that one small detail will stuck in my memory so hard to return there every possible time. Almost immediately I imagined a cadre in my mental portfolio.

Each year, It waited with me near those dead roots of a stormed tree to make my dreams come true. Till now. That evening, from the purest sky ever, “He” spoke to me & conjured up this incredibly beautiful sight. It was a blissful 5 minute view which I finally kept in a few real frames.

Here’s one of them.

“This is an amazing photograph. I’ve never seen anything like it.”

“Speak to me” got cover and was published in CAMERAPIXO’s WE INSPIRE 14 MAGAZINE

Speak to me

Link: http://www.camerapixo.comhttp://www.camerapixo.com

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