Things Left Unsaid

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TOOLS: CAMERA: Phase One P65+, 35mm/ƒ/20/64s/ISO 100, Lee 0.9 grad, 10ND
My unsaid passage in time.

I wanted to be a little more creative about Time which is always not easy to achieve. Listening to Pink Floyd’s last album I decided to left things unsaid.
Listening to: Pink Floyd – Things Left UnsaidPink Floyd – Things Left Unsaid
Sometimes words are hard to find but KiethKieth had no problems at all:

“I continue to be fascinated by this photo. I think it is because I have never seen the results of using a wide-angle lens so close to the ground. It is such a fantastic idea and so well done!! I also like how you chose a long exposure so that the clouds invoke the feeling of lurking ghosts to fit right in with the theme. And the mole ‘hills’ have the appearance of crude, freshly dug graves outside the bounds of the church’s cemetery proper. Aaahh, I could go on and on with the all the symbolism I see in this excellent photo but I won’t risk boring you. :)”

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Matte Paper, Glossy Paper, Canvas


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Things Left Unsaid