Footsteps Footsteps

“Don’t even think about reaching me.
I won’t be home.
Don’t even think about stopping by”

Listening to: pearl jam – footstepspearl jam – footsteps

The annual wintering in Jakuszyce on the one hand wonders why only me alone admire the beautiful surroundings of Szklarska Poreba. On the other hand, I am glad that I have the opportunity to present the photographs of my beloved Izer.

After 15 km of skiing I stopped before the next 30 on “Deer Glade”. Suddenly, to my surprise, in the mist-covered area, the sun came out. Just delicate, few rays for a few moments – I barely managed to set the tripod and turn on the camera. I made some shots and it’s all disappeared.

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VexingArt VexingArt commented this photo on dAdA:

“I am sure all the others noticed and how could they not? The atmosphere in this photo is striking..”

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